Bored to manage contact form of your customers ?

How many time did you spend to configure a simple email sender ?
Too much I guess, like me.

When I build a simple showcase site, I always need to get a server and a smtp just for my customers receive email from their contacts forms.


  • Loss of time
  • Boring
  • Complicate

It's true, some plugin helped me a lot, thanks to them but:

  • "What is a smtp ?
  • "Where I get theses informations ?"
  • "Customers will give their credentials ?"

It's really difficult to get client SMTP details. Different email providers use different settings.

Clients change email password and they stop getting emails from their contact forms... It's become a nightmare

I wanted a solution easier and faster.

That's why I built NoSmtp a wordpress plugin that will change the way you manage this.

Check out the video below

NoSmtp Wordpress Plugin - Demo